Charlotte Everest

Theatre Director


Image from Passion Play, Leeds, 2016




Everest read Theatre and Performance at the University of Leeds. Her directing career began in Leeds, directing Churchill’s Love and Information (Banham Theatre). She then assistant directed Hickson’s Boys to great acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, selling out its month long run. Everest began to expand her style, completing a sold-out ten-night run of an immersive and site-specific performance of Peter Nichols’ Passion Play. Her second immersive endeavour was a large-scale environmental piece, adapting Fowel’s The Magus (Stage@Leeds).

Since training further on Mountview’s MA in Theatre Directing, Everest has directed internationally and assistant directed on numerous London productions at theatres such as Theatre 503, The Old Red Lion and Karamel Club. Having worked with Tamasha Theatre Company co-founder Kristine Landon-Smith at Mountview and within Tamasha's intra-cultural training, she frequently practices complicité, clown and le jeu (play) within her process.

Recent directing credits include: Bad Jews (Mountview), One's & Zero's (The Etcetera), Flash (Karamel Club), That Was All (Theatre 503), Living Latino (The King's Head), Birth Right (Calder Bookshop Theatre), Blackout (Nairobi, Kenya) and Beauty and the Beast (Nairobi, Kenya).

Everest's experience in both site-specific and immersive practise has left her with a desire to merge the worlds of both immersive and theatre-situated work, to see if the gap between them can be crossed.





Tristan Bates: Nuns by Robert Luxford, London, 2018-19 (in process)

Braeburn Theatre: Winter Pantomime, Nairobi, Kenya, 2018 (in process)

Braeburn Little Theatre: Blackout by Davey Anderson, Nairobi, Kenya, 2018

Calder Theatre: Birth Right by Amy Ewbank, London, 2018

Theatre 503: That Was All by Francis Grin, London, 2018

Karamel Club: Flash by Francis Grin, London, 2018

Etcetera Theatre: One’s & Zero’s by Benedict Smith, London, 2018

Juniper Tree Productions: Benchmarks (a radio play) by Ethan Taylor, London, 2018

Mountview: Bad Jews by Joshua Harmon, London, 2018

Novello and Co: You, Me and a Piano by David Stoll and Phil Bowen, rehearsed reading, London, 2018

Stage@Leeds: Director/Scenographer, The Waiting Room, immersive-environmental piece, Leeds, 2017

Open Theatre: Passion Play by Peter Nichols, Site-specific (2-bedroom house), Leeds, 2016

Aireborne Theatre: Co-Director, Boys by Ella Hickson, The Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Theatre Group: Love and Information by Caryl Churchill, Banham Theatre, Leeds, 2016


Assistant Directing:
Karamel Club: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, dir. Topher Campbell, London, 2018

The Old Red Lion: Broken by Matthew Lyon, dir. Kennedy Bloomer, London, 2018

The Bread and Roses: One Last Tragedy by Chris Callow, dir. Sokratis Synitos, London, 2018

Mountview: Chicken Soup with Barley by Arnold Wesker, dir. Carol Harvey, London, 2018

Theatre 503: Lobster by Lucy Foster, dir. Kayla Feldman, London, 2018

Mountview: Welcome to Thebes by Moira Buffini, dir. Kristine Landon-Smith, London, 2017


The King’s Head: Living Latino, in association with Big Boots Theatre Company and METRO, London, 2018



The King’s Head: Living Latino, in association with Big Boots Theatre Company and METRO, London, 2018


Community engagement projects:
METRO: Work shop facilitator, Living Latino as part of Queer Month, in association with Big Boots Theatre Company, London, 2018

Leeds City Council Immersive project: Writer and Director, It’s Electrifying, Leeds Library, Leeds, 2015

Leeds City Council Road safety: Writer and Director, Concrete Evidence, School tour, Leeds, 2016

Charters School: Workshop facilitator, Extra-curricular activities, 2013-2014

Charlotte Everest is currently working on...


Benchmarks by Ethan Taylor 

BROUGHT to you by Juniper Tree Productions

Available on I-tunes autumn 2018.

Director: Charlotte Everest

Artistic Director: Louisa Smith

Writer: Ethan Taylor


Braeburn Players Winter Pantomime:

Beauty and the Beast

Nairobi, Kenya, 23rd November - 2nd December 2018

Theatre: Braeburn Theatre

Director: Charlotte Everest


By Davey Anderson (In Collaboration with Legoman - The Book Thieves)

Nairobi, Kenya

A unique collaboration with rapper and hip hop artist Huw Bradbury (aka Legoman/ The Book Thieves).

Anderson’s gripping script is interpreted through Bradbury’s own music as Legoman and The Book Thieves, orchestrated into a visceral performance by director Charlotte Everest as she completes her residency in Nairobi, Kenya.

Director: Charlotte Everest

Performed by: Huw Bradbury

Music by: Huw Bradbury (aka Legoman/The Book Thieves)

Theatre: Braeburn Little Theatre, Nairobi

  Art work  by Ella Marke

Art work by Ella Marke


NUNS by Robert Luxford

Brought to you by Dutch Dame Production and She’s Diverse


Sister Catherine Natalya Wolter-Ferguson

Sister Bernadette Cecile Sinclair

Sister Rozza Rebecca Wilson

Mother Superior Gillian Broderick



Director Charlotte Everest

Executive Producers Cecile Sinclair & Natalya Wolter-Ferguson

Producer Valerie Isaiah Sadoh

Set Designer Tara Usher

Ella Marke Graphic Designer 


“Bongs, chain smoking, liquor, sex tapes, blackmail and a desire to change the system. No, it’s not a college, it’s a convent!”


Nuns is a satirical comedy about three rebellious Nuns and how they plot to overthrow the mother superior in order to establish smoking rights or themselves. The youngest, Sister Bernadette is being seduced into the cause by Sister Catherine and Sister Roza during one of their secret smoking sessions. They have a secret that they believe will bring the Mother superior to her knees.

Dutch Dame’s gritty and witty take on Luxford’s Nuns draws you into a world of questioning patriarchal traditions and whether there is room for change in a systematically oppressive world. How far is too far? These sisters are willing to find out.


NUNS Poster_2.jpeg


A glimpse at some Past Productions...


Living Latino - devised

in association with METRO and queer month at the king's head, august 2018


Workshop Facilitator and artistic director of Big Boots Theatre Company: Sebastian Paulka

Dramaturg: Charlotte Everest

Drama Therapist: Weronika Kucharska



Emma Zadow

Aaron Kehoe

Sammy Attalah

Adam Sabatti

  Living Latino , The King's Head, 2018

Living Latino, The King's Head, 2018

 Emma Zadow

Emma Zadow

 Whole cast shot

Whole cast shot

 METRO Volunteers

METRO Volunteers

 Adam Sabatti, METRO volunteer, Aaron Kehoe, Emma Zadow

Adam Sabatti, METRO volunteer, Aaron Kehoe, Emma Zadow

  Living Latino  rehearsal shot (Emma Zadow)

Living Latino rehearsal shot (Emma Zadow)

  Living Latino  rehearsal shot (Antony Antunes, Aaron Kehoe, Emma Zadow, Sammy Attalah), 2018

Living Latino rehearsal shot (Antony Antunes, Aaron Kehoe, Emma Zadow, Sammy Attalah), 2018

 Participant workshop at METRO, London, 2018

Participant workshop at METRO, London, 2018

It all started in January 2017, during the production of Holding the Man by Tommy Murphy, when Dr Greg Ussher, the CEO of METRO Charity, was our main panelist for the post show Q&A. It was back then that we had our first chat about working together to support the LGBTQ+ community through making theatre. A year later we came up with the idea for these workshops, where we use theatre to give a voice to those underrepresented in the arts and support METRO with their work around HIV prevention and support.
— Big Boots Theatre Company 2018

Over eight weeks, a group of queer Latinos living with or affected by HIV, received basic acting training and access drama therapy sessions. During the first few sessions they shared their own life stories of how it is to be living as queer Latino migrants in the UK. Four professional actors joined and they worked together to devise stories and develop a show that took place at the King’s Head Theatre during their Queer Month in August 2018.

The workshops was facilitated by Sebastian Palka the Artistic Director of Big Boots Theatre Company, Charlotte Everest and Weronika Kucharska Drama Therapist. METRO's project lead is Tony Furlong. 

To find out more about METRO's emerging communities work with Latinos and Latin Americans, visit the Latino Seguro section of their website.


That was all

By Francis Grin

Theatre 503, July 5th-7th. 2018

 Rehearsal shot: Jennie Eggleton (Photography: Maxim Levy)

Rehearsal shot: Jennie Eggleton (Photography: Maxim Levy)

Director: Charlotte Everest

Producer: Emma Craggs

Cast: Jennie Eggleton as HER

Photography: Maxim Levy


"Somethings bound to happen soon, but at the moment, the main problem is your energy. Your chakras are fucked. Especially since your last boyfriend, who left you for a barista who he met at Café Nero. Half her head is shaved, she’s got a lip piercing and an entire Polish short story tattooed on her arm."


A woman tries to find herself in different people, meditations, diets, therapies – but nothing really changes. When she meets ‘El Divino’, a world renowned healer, she’s not expecting much. And as predicted, the healing feels like a sham. He’s got nothing to cure her with. Or does he?  ‘The Was All’ explores contemporary new-age movements, asking the question “does something need to be ‘real’, in order to work?

that was all.jpg

WOrld Premiere of Flash by Francis Grin, Karamel Club June 6th-9th, London


"When four teenagers come together for a class project, alcohol and boredom lead to a sadistic game. But what happens when no one acknowledges the violence?"
Flash explores sexual aggression in youth culture and the language surrounding it.


Francis Grin:

Francis studied playwriting at Goldsmiths where she completed an MA in Writing for Performance with Distinction. Her plays have been performed at The Pleasance, The Old Red Lion Theatre, Southwark Playhouse, The Vaults, The Arcola and RichMix. She has been long-listed for the Papatango prize and The Old Vic 12 and shortlisted for HighTide’s First Commissions 2017. Her previous positions include working as the Literary Manager for the Finborough Theatre. 


Director: Charlotte Everest

Producer: Emma Craggs

Writer: Francis Grin

Videography/photography: Maxim Levy



Christian: George John

Carrie: Jennie Eggleton

Laura: Kathryn Crosby

Ollie: Aaron Douglas


Flash Rehearsal shots...

 George John (Christian) and Kathryn Crosby (Laura), rehearsal image

George John (Christian) and Kathryn Crosby (Laura), rehearsal image

 Left to right: Jennie Eggleton (Carrie), Aaron Douglas (Ollie), Kathryn Crosby (Laura), George John (Christian), rehearsal image.

Left to right: Jennie Eggleton (Carrie), Aaron Douglas (Ollie), Kathryn Crosby (Laura), George John (Christian), rehearsal image.

 Kathryn Crosby (Laura), Aaron Douglas (Ollie), rehearsal image.

Kathryn Crosby (Laura), Aaron Douglas (Ollie), rehearsal image.

Full Synopsis:

Classmates Carrie, Christian, Laura and Oliver get together one evening to complete a group assignment for their ‘Health Class’ at school. The assignment is simple – it’s a reflection on who you’ve been and who you might become. But as boredom kicks in, the group fail to take their homework seriously and embark on a series of games including Spin the Bottle, throwing each other in the pool, drinking and wrestling fights. It doesn’t take long before the games take a slightly more sadistic turn and new girl Laura falls victim to them. The group slowly dehumanises Laura, until she becomes nothing but a body. 


Written in reverse chronology, we start at the height of violence and slowly come to understand more about these people and their world. Are they all just ‘bad people’, or is something larger driving their actions? 


Flash looks at the relationship between teenage sexual aggression and language. Written as a response to a history of sexual violence against women and men. Despite our ever-changing world, the pressures felt by young people is only growing stronger. A ‘rite of passage’ or the typical ‘teen phase’ is a repeated history we wish to challenge. Wrote form personal experience and developed within the relevant communities, this play not only deals with such topics delicately but truthfully. It does not hide away and has no interest in pointing fingers, but rather puts factors such as environment and language to the test. We are in a theatrical climate where there is a platform for such discussions and Flash is the stimulus for one such as this.


an enticing clip from the dress run of Flash...

Pictures from our preview...

 Jennie Eggleton (Carrie), George John (Christian), Kathryn Crosby (Laura) and Aaron Douglas (Ollie)

Jennie Eggleton (Carrie), George John (Christian), Kathryn Crosby (Laura) and Aaron Douglas (Ollie)

 Kathryn Crosby (Laura)

Kathryn Crosby (Laura)

 Jennie Eggleton (Carrie)

Jennie Eggleton (Carrie)

 Jennie Eggleton (Carrie), George John (Christian), Kathryn Crosby (Laura) and Aaron Douglas (Ollie)

Jennie Eggleton (Carrie), George John (Christian), Kathryn Crosby (Laura) and Aaron Douglas (Ollie)


Love and Information by Caryl Churchill, Banham Theatre, Leeds, 2016


Director: Charlotte Everest

Assistant Director: Fallon Mayne

Producers: Emily Freidlos and Anya Dye

Artwork: Ella Marke (


Louis Dunbavin

Lily Hall

Will Sidi

Mo Hocken

Evie Wilson

Andrew Brown

Mal El-Gonemy

Joseph Callaghan

a sell-out run that was highly praised for its SUCCESSFUL imaginative and insightful exploration of Churchill’s renowned challenging script, consisting of 72 possible scenes, with no character list and only 4 stage directions. It received overwhelmingly positive reviews.


The highest commendation should go to the director Charlotte Everest.

Her creativity should be applauded.
— The Scribe
perfectly executed
— The Gryphon


Love and Information was entered into the National Student Drama Festival, the member whom assessed and viewed a performance, claimed it was the best depiction of Love and Information he had seen following his initial viewing of its original production at the Royal Court in 2012. He was astounded by the impeccable dissection of text, the simplistic yet bold scenography and the professionalism of the piece as a whole.

 Left to right: Lily Hall, Mo Hocken, Evie Wilson, Will Sidi

Left to right: Lily Hall, Mo Hocken, Evie Wilson, Will Sidi

 Mo Hocken

Mo Hocken

 Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

 (Left to right): Mal El-Gonomy, Mo Hocken, Joseph Callaghan, Louis Dunbavin, Evie Wilson, Lily Hall, Will Sidi.

(Left to right): Mal El-Gonomy, Mo Hocken, Joseph Callaghan, Louis Dunbavin, Evie Wilson, Lily Hall, Will Sidi.

 Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

Passion Play by Peter Nichols, Immersive and site-specific piece, Leeds, 2016

 Sophie Strickland-Clark (Agnes)

Sophie Strickland-Clark (Agnes)

People used to have angels on their shoulders. But there is a gap manifesting in the difference between public speech and private thought and that is people's unknowability. Jeer from the frontline of marital betrayal, adultery, lust, love. This is an immersive experience to get intimate with.

Charlotte Everest takes on an immersive project. Transforming Peter Nichols' award winning 'Passion Play', a presentation of human frailty, head on. This 10 night run explored the destructive nature of a nonchalant marriage, the power of lust and the trail it leaves behind when a married man is led astray.

Set in a town house in leeds, this production was applauded for its use of live art/performance art and immersive practises to reconstruct both the site and the play.

Director: Charlotte Everest

Assistant Director: Jonny Dowsett

Producers: Andrew Brown and George Bissett

Designer: Bobby Bates

Artwork: Ella Marke (


James - Louis Dunbavin

Eleanor - Lydia Harrison

Kate - Ellen Maslin

Jim - Dean Hull

Nell - Anna Thrussell

Agnes - Sophie Strickland-Clark

The narrative of the piece was subtly intertwined in each room with hand written notes, lipstick stained words on the living room walls, and the use of mundane set

In heightened moments of both sexual desire and hatred, the audience were lead to surround the small spaces with little ability to leave no matter how uncomfortable they felt.

Still reeling from the matinee - could watch it over and over again

You made us laugh, cry and get very very angry! Haven’t stopped talking about it since we left.

Words cannot describe what an incredible experience that was. Every person in the cast and crew should be so proud - what an achievement

I thought it was absolutely amazing, definitely one of the best things I’ve seen

Passion play was one of the best immersive experiences I have witnessed to date. Not only was the character portrayal believable and professional, the space played a fundamental part in the experience.
— Audience members
 Ellen Maslin (Kate)

Ellen Maslin (Kate)

 Sophie Strickland-Clark (Agnes)

Sophie Strickland-Clark (Agnes)